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tumblr_lxphc1lPRl1r08enqo1_500Today San Diego had their Gay pride parade and the festival Gay pride parade and the festival afterwords. The theme is inclusion - celebrating the SCOTUS decision and the fact that us gay folk in California can, once again, have equal rights under the law. Indeed that is something to celebrate but here in San Diego, at the parade, at least ten cops surround the christian taliban with their megaphones and signs. When you try to engage these domestic light terrorist the cops shew you away. Apparently one does not have the right to tell and old white man with a sign saying gays with burn in hell to go screw much for our RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

In Seattle this year, some gay and lesbian folk stood up to the freaks with their hate filled signs that have nothing to do with ANYTHING Jesus Christ preached about. In the video, here, you see people standing up to these hate mongers. The official story said:

Two men were arrested for attacking Christian street preachers at a gay pride festival in Seattle. A video shows the two Christian preachers actively avoiding a man who had approached them in a menacing manner. After members of the NOH8 crowd ripped the protesters’ signs down, at least one of the two Christian preachers was apparently punched repeatedly before police arrived and made two arrests.


Now some may say this was wrong...remain peaceful is what you always hear from gay rights leadership butit seems to me that it has not worked. These people are bullies. Maybe they do not bully like they teach their kids to do at school but it is the same concept. So long as we cower and allow this hate, spewed out by the christian right, to continue the more it will happen. On the how yesterday, I said that if this were a Martin Luther King day and freaks and bigots were "exercising their right of free speech and peaceful" protest with signs that read "God Hates Niggers" or "Return Slavery of Blacks- God and the Bible said it should be so there would be a riot and black folk would run the bigots out of town.

But when it comes to these hate-filled bastards- that pose as christians but are in reality the Pharisees and freaks their Christ talked about we gay folk are told to just ignore them and let them say what they want. That is enabling and excusing the behavior of these bullies with signs. The only way to make a bully stop verbally or physically abusing someone is for the victims of that abuse to stand up for themselves and take on the bully.

imagesCA2A11G9I am not an advocate for violence but when I was in school I had my share of bullying, gay bashing and the like until I stood up for myself and said ENOUGH. It was the only time I was in a "fight" at school and it is not something I am proud of. But after that all the gay bashing and bullying stopped. I transformed from the victim to an empowered young gay person that demanded the right to be treated with dignity and respect and that is exactly what happened.

So I say good for these folks taking on these freaks. While assaulting someone is never a good idea I bet these freaks will think twice before coming to a gay pride celebration with their signs next year. The message was made clear that gay folk are not a bunch of effeminate pansies that can be spoken to or treated anyway anyone feels and they will lay down and take it.

Again I have to wonder why the cops protect these bastards at our parade. Let the folks there run them out of Hillcrest and back to their demon filled dens of hate and bigotry that they call church.

I have another big problem with San Diego Pride.

I still say the festival should be free to ALL...not just those who can afford to go. How many poor gay folk feel excluded at an event that is supposed to be calling for inclusion. The booths cost $500 a day according to a friend that checked into it. What if u are me and have no idea who the headliner is...someone named Monica? If I do not like that music then what am I paying admission for? To walk in a big circle?

I was asked by a friend on Facebook: what can we do about it?

ssl-heart-rainbow2The Pride board everything else in this run by people who have money and who just look for the profit. Unless we get on the board or people, en masse, start objecting to the fact that a good many are excluded because of inability to pay what amounts to a god damn cover charge it will stay the same.

These pride parades and festivals are not about a political statement is a weekend for lots of businesses and clubs to make record profits...all merchandising and displaying some of our worst stereotypes at times- at least that is what the media focuses on.

I personally like Pagan Pride in September. I show my gay pride every day by standing up for who I am and taking on the crazed Christian right. On top of all that there is no community. Twinks- unless they suspected I was rich would give me sour puss looks at pride. Lesbians hang with each other. The bears don't talk and hang with the jocks. The trans folks are looked at like drag queens and human beings

So in a year where we are celebrating inclusion under the law the very festival that celebrates that is, again this year, excluding part of the community that simply cannot afford to pay to go into a festival that is supposed to be for all GLBT people and their supporters in the greater San Diego community...not just the ones who can afford it.


16825_540720389273475_14723030_nWell we are still here...not really a surprise.

In case you missed it, on today's show, I will be on a bit of a mini-vacation for the holiday and I will return with a program on Wednesday December 26, 2013.

Two things before I post the stuff I said I would post on the show today...

First please do not drink and drive this holiday season. Every year it seems like I hear of one person that dies thanks to the mixture of alcohol and driving.

Secondly, at your local pet shelters there are loads of pets that are hoping, against hope, for a forever home this Christmas.

I can't think of a better way to show love- the pretend reason for the Christmas season- then by adopting an adult or senior/disabled pet and saving them from the gas chamber if your shelter has to make more room at the inn and it is not a no kill shelter.

Oh and this is the lady from today's kitty story at the end of the show:


Here is the piece about the 151 Victims of Mass Shootings in 2012 and here is the video from the "10 Random Acts of Kindness" post we heard in the latter part of the show:

Have a happy Winter Solsitice and a great holiday...see you on December 26th!


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ADAMLANZAThis is the face of the clearly pyscopathic and cowardly bastard that allegedly first killed his mother and then drove her car to the elementary school where, reports say, she was a teacher and killed 20 students, 6 adult staff and then himself.

I was going to do a special Saturday show...there are a few things that involve the coverage and politics that I want to say but I am still too angry and saddened by what took place in that small town of 27,000 plus yesterday.

What I am thinking about now is why would his mother "collect guns" if she knew her son had a mental illness? There are reports of him having a disease where he could not feel pain. His brother Ryan, who was mistakenly identified as the killer initially, suggested that he may be "autistic".

The reports about his behavior and demeanor from past classmates indicates a very disturbed young man indeed.

No doubt his mother was  a member of the NRA...that evil band of bastards that uses propganda and lies to scare the stupid in this country with bullshit like "they are gonna take your second amendment right and guns away if there are steps taken like banning the assault weapons.

This was the NRA's Christmas gift to this sleepy littl;e town in Connecticut.

This is the latest report, as of the time of this posting:

(Reuters) - Investigators have found "some very good evidence" to explain what drove a 20-year-old gunman to slaughter 20 children and six adults at an elementary school in the small Connecticut town of Newtown, the site of one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history, an official said on Saturday.

598605_359435457486046_680166423_nAccording to the Reuters piece:

Nancy Lanza legally owned a Sig Sauer and a Glock, both handguns of models commonly used by police, and a military-style Bushmaster .223 M4 carbine, according to law enforcement officials who also believe Adam Lanza used at least some of those weapons.

Nancy Lanza was an avid gun collector who once showed him a "really nice, high-end rifle" that she had purchased, said Dan Holmes, owner of a landscaping business who recently decorated her yard with Christmas garlands and lights. "She said she would often go target shooting with her kids."

President Obama was visibly shaken yesterday as he made his official statem ent. Again he brought up gun control and it will not be long until the gun nuts in the country start winging on about there god damn second amendment rights.

Perhaps if it was their six-year-old lying bloodied and dead in a classroom they would think twice about spewing out the fear mongering crap that the leadership of the NRA puts into the miniscule brains.

I will talk more about this, and will lay former Governor Mike Huckabee- a christian taliban personality now on FOX NEWS on the program Monday. By then the authorities will have released more information.

This was this morning's press conference with Connecticut State Police Lieutenant Paul Vance.

My heart is breaking for the parents that rushed to that schol, hoping against hope, that their child would be located and later found out that it was not possible because a crazed person that had access to hand guns and an automatic weapon (which he thankfully left in the trunk of the car) had, with a blink of an eye, took that hope away. 

Expect a three hour show Monday. See you all then.
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High School Students Treated Like Convicts In Prison Style Lockdown

As promised on the program today here is the story link to the Nazi Prison like search and lockdown of the students of Casa Grande, Arizona's Vista Grande High School....just click the picof the kid in jail below.


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Thanks in advance!!

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Took the day off from everything yesterday and I completely forget that it was the 32nd anniversary of the murder of John Lennon.

"The murder of John Lennon is the tragic finale to an entire era, the reminder that once an artist becomes as popular and as political as he was, his enemies will be waiting to make sure his messages never appear again to awaken the slumbering youth." - Mae Brussell

In hour three of tomorrow's program I will introduce you to Mae- clearly the forerunner of politiocal left talk radio and what she had to say just days after the murder of Lennon.

In the meantime, here is a documentary that goes along with the official story...we will talk about the

REAL story behind the murder of John Lennon in a special third hour of tomorrow's show.

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Until I read today's story I thought there was just one cat island in Japan...there really are two of them! Bless the folks that live there and take care of all the kitties!


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SHOW LINKS- 12_06_12

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But I was turned on to a nifty site yesterday and decided to use it to build a new site that have everything I do in on place!

I will still cross post here but yo willfind everything on the new site....just click the pic below to visit it in a new window!

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Twenty days until Deecember 21st...maye by then we will get some response from President Obama about the treatment of Bradley Manning...but the world is more likely to end and prove the Myans right.


One story I did not get to this week is this one:

Senate votes down indefinite detention of Americans — or does it? 
The latest draft of the NDAA remains problematic and may not even protect citizens from military detention.

And I cannot help thinking that some of Bradley's mistreatment was because he is self described as "effeminate" and openly gay...


Again it is just a gut feeling and I suspect he was coerced into doing some "naughty" things on the sly while in custody and stark naked. Maybe that will come ouut in the wash one day in the distant future. 

And are Democrats and President Obama standing up for his rights to apeedy trial and fair treayment as a US Citizen?

The Huffington Post reported ther following on March 11, 2011:

President Barack Obama says he's been assured by the Pentagon that the Army private suspected of giving classified information to the WikiLeaks website is being held in conditions that are "appropriate and meeting our basic standards."

This is a letter I found in The Guardian UK from 4_13_2011:

obama-3-5-11-1By insisting that the treatment of Bradley Manning in the marine corps brig was "appropriate and meets our basic standards", Obama is saying that it is normal to hold hundreds of navy and marine prisoners in conditions that the majority of the world community would consider torturous (US legal scholars voice outrage at treatment of Manning, 11 April).

The world should not only be looking at Manning's treatment but that of every prisoner being held in US navy confinement facilities. Obama's justification of Manning's treatment makes him worse than Bush and Cheney, as they justified their torture by claiming it was for the purpose of obtaining intelligence on terrorist activities. Obama as commander-in-chief is permitting cruel and inhumane treatment of prisoners in brigs for no other purpose than to make an example of those violating the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

The treatment of prisoners in the marine brigs is worse than the treatment of prisoners at Guantánamo Bay. Obama should, if he doesn't want to be the first Nobel peace prize winner to be accused of condoning torture, act to force the marines to stop the harsh and inhumane treatment of prisoners in the brigs, or close them and put the prisoners in the confinement facilities of other services.

I would not hold me breath. Since that was written it has been nearly a year and a half.

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